Example Creature


An overview of the creature, its appearance, and other relevant info


The place or places where the creature can be found


Is the creature solitary or a pack animal? Is it aggressive, skittish, or dangerous when cornered? What does it eat?

Adventure Logs

Information relevant to finding and fighting this creature


Overall, how dangerous is this creature? Should it be avoided?


What can be used to attract/repel this creature? What is the best way to find/follow it?


Attack: Wielded weapons or natural weaponry. Nature/range/damage of its attacks.
Defense: Amount of armor, weak points, resistance/weakness to elements/magic


What useful items can be gotten from this creature? Does it have fur/bones/etc that are valuable? If it hoards money/items, does it keep them on its body, or stored in a lair/den?

Example Creature

The Rim dexter_w_duckworth dexter_w_duckworth