The Age of Magic

The War of the Mages

The oldest school of magic was the Mages of the Spire, who possessed powerful secrets that they guarded closely. Eventually, a coalition of rogue mages from the Spire and the rest of the Rim, dubbed the Blighted Mages, split from the Mages of the Spire. The Spire mages forbade the teaching of magic outside their order, and so a great war broke out between the two factions, causing magical fallout that permanently altered the Rim itself.

The Great Kuknab Hero

In the dark expanses below the Disc lived the Kuknab, a race of winged, bat-like creatures. According to their legends, for eons they lived short, miserable lives; their entire race subjugated by the death god, the giant Kolgrimir. Eventually, a Kuknab warrior named The Pretender flew to the top of the Disc, to the realm of the gods. There, he fought Kolgrimir and eventually killed him, sending him toppling over the edge of the Disc into the Inner Sea. Muluk then took his place upon the Disc as the new god of death and time. Soon after, the nine Kuknab clans united under the worship of Muluk to form a single tribe.

The Settlement of Corpsehome and Stonehold

Kolgrimir’s massive corpse floated on the Inner Sea, eventually washing up on the southern shores of the Rim. A group of Blighted Mages stumbled upon the ossified corpse while fleeing the Imperial armies and took refuge inside it, hoping that the giant’s rotting remains would prove too vile for any Imperial pursuers. The mages were over time affected by the residual magical energy in Kolgrimir’s body, and became the first of the Spirit Touched. They set about transforming the corpse into a full fledged city, dubbed Corpsehome,

Over time, more Blighted Mages and other Wildlings flocked to Corpsehome and it became the Blighted’s main stronghold in their war with the Imperials. Threatened by the growing influence of the Blighted, Empress Basilia founded the city of Stonehold in the East to serve as a barrier against the Wildlings. As Stonehold’s fortifications improved, trade flourished in the Imperial lands beyond, and eventually the Imperials and the Blighted settled into a stalemate.

The Great Clash

The Arrival of the Kuknab

Some time later, the Kuknab fled from under the Disc in a mass exodus. Though the cause is lost to history, the Kuknab still refuse to venture under the Disc to this day. The Kuknab arrived on the Eastern shores of the Rim, south of Stonehold and began to settle the harsh deserts of the Pale Wastes. The Imperials believed the Kuknab to be a creation of the Blighted Mages and launched an attack against them. This initial assault escalated and eventually an all out war broke out between the two cultures.

Eventually, the Imperials had nearly defeated the Kuknab, and as a last-ditch attempt to hold them off, the Kuknab shamen used all of their magic to break a section of the Disc. A chunk of rock fell from the Disc and into the Inner Sea, causing a massive tidal wave that swept Stonehold off of the Rim and into the Outer Sea. The area where Stonehold once was is now covered in swampland and said to be haunted by those who died there during the tsunami.

The Enslavement of the Kuknab

Despite the destruction of Stonehold, the Imperials ended the war and took most of the remaining Kuknab into slavery. The Kuknab were enslaved for centuries, and any attempted uprisings were violently crushed by the power of the Mages of the Spire. This went on until an anonymous Kuknab, rumored to be descended from royal blood traced back to under the Disc but known only as "The Night Prince," ascended the Spire alone and killed every Imperial mage inside, in what would become known as “The Night of the Bloody Spire.” He then organized a revolt that finally freed the Kuknab from the Imperials and led those who survived south to the lands they occupied before they were enslaved.

The Pirate Subjugation

Rise of the Pirate King

In the West, the pirates of the Outer Seas elected their first “Pirate King,” the Pirate King Rickard. Emboldened by their new leader, the pirates sailed North from Misttide, their island fortress, and laid siege to the Imperial capitol of Highreach. Lacking the naval power to oppose the pirate fleet and unable to acquire more supplies, the Imperials’ stockpiles ran low and the people of Highreach began to starve. Emperor Osbert challenged Pirate King Rickard to single combat for the fate of the empire. After a pitched duel atop the Royal Arch, Rickard slayed Osbert and declared himself King of the Rim.

The Fall of the Pirates

The pirates ruled as warlords over the Imperials for several generations. After the death of Pirate King Rickard, a series of weaker Kings quickly followed, and each one lost gradually more control over the Rim. The pirates allied themselves with some of the Kuknab, which allowed them to maintain power for a time longer, but eventually they were rulers in little more than name. The last pirate to hold the title of Pirate King was assassinated by a group of mercenaries, ending the pirates’ hold over the continent.

The Dawn of the New Imperial Order

After the death of the last Pirate King, the Imperial throne remained vacant and the empire fell into disorder. The Rim remained in a state of chaos until General Miles, commander of the Imperial military, led his armies to purge the remaining pirates from the continent. Still unsatisfied, he then sailed to Misttide and burned the pirate fleets. Standing on the docks of Misttide, General Miles declared the beginning of a new government, The New Imperial Order, and established Misttide as its capitol. As the leader of the NIO, he kept his title of “General,” and the title has been held by all subsequent rulers.

The Age of Exploration

The Search for a New Land

After building a new city on the island of Misttide, General Miles turned his gaze away from the Rim and set out to explore the surrounding seas. He ordered all captured pirate ships be re-purposed as exploring vessels and offered a hefty reward to the first person able to discover a new continent. Despite his efforts, decades went by and no new lands were discovered.

The Great Expedition

Nearing the end of his life, General Miles organized the Great Expedition, a fleet containing dozens of ships and over 500 sailors, equipped with enough supplies and equipment to be nearly self-sufficient while away from land. General Miles led the expedition personally, and vowed to return in five years’ time to report the discovery of a new continent. Six years later, a single sailor returned to Misttide aboard the wreckage of General Miles’ flagship vessel. Though the man was incoherent for the remainder of his life, it is assumed that the rest of the expedition was destroyed in a terrible storm.

The Modern Day

The tragic outcome of the Great Expedition put a damper on future exploration of the seas. In the following years, the capitol of the New Imperial Order was moved back to Highreach, and the Imperial government focused on consolidating control of the Rim. Now, the Imperials maintain strong control over the North of the Rim and most Imperials live in cities in those areas.

Although the Imperial government controls the West and South of the Rim, their control becomes weaker further south. The West of the Rim is known as the Low Lands, a wet, fertile area that produces most of the food consumed on the Rim. The Low Lands are mainly populated by Wildlings, but the Imperials maintain control over the area by way of local lords who collect taxes and enforce Imperial law. In the South of the Rim, Corpsehome is the most populous city. Its population is almost entirely Wildlings and Spirit Touched, and the Imperials rule the city in name only, and most people in the area do not consider themselves Imperial citizens.

To the East, the Kuknab live in the Pale Wastes, the only part of the Rim fully outside Imperial control. The Kuknab are a solitary people, and though they do maintain a centralized government in their capitol city, Mistfort, most Kuknab live in small, semi-nomadic tribes.

Conflict in the Low Lands

Recently, there have been several conflicts in the Low Lands between Imperial forces and the Wildling residents. This, in combination with rumors of rogue mages in the region, has caused instability and threatened Imperial control over the Low Lands. In an attempt to consolidate control over the Rim, the Imperials have sent increased the number of soldiers in the Low Lands.


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