Kroeger Grungeback's Journal


My life day: 11680

I spent the morning looking at the paintings under my bed.
Every time I do it makes me laugh.
Why were your eyes so red that day?
And what the chaos is on Thurstan’s head?
That shack in the background of this one painting is where I grew up.
I think it’s a bread shop now.
The second floor is hard for sneaking out.
And this is where I apprenticed for the local shoe maker.
Most of the time, I had better things to do.
My journal says I broke in twice.
That’s where I got my shoes.
But, I must have broken in many more times.
I wonder if it’s too late to go back and graduate from that apprenticeship?
My life is better now than it was back then.
But, if I were them, I would not allow me to make shoes again.

My life day: 11682

Remember the old bar.
I blew every silver that I ever made.
The city guards hated us hangin’ out.
They say somebody went and burned that bar down.
We used to listen to the town prophet.
And sing along with every hymn we knew.
Kim was the first girl I kissed.
I was so nervous that I nearly missed.
She’s had a couple of kids since then.
I haven’t seen her since the gods know when.

My life day: 1190

Well, I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge.
And there ain’t no healing when your max HP is only 2.
I even have to be careful about cutting myself with the jagged edge of my cheap throwing knives.
I’m telling you that you should appreciate your max HP.
It could always be 2.
I could so easily be laid out on the floor, dead.
I’m not sure I can take this anymore.

Kroeger Grungeback's Journal

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