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On the Rim, magic takes many forms. At present, each culture practices its own unique form of spellcasting. Although some scholars believe that all magic stems from a single source, any knowledge that might unify the disparate schools of magic has been lost to time.

Schools of Magic

Imperial Magic

The Mages of the Spire practiced imperial magic (sometimes called true magic) for eons, and wrought things both great and terrible with its power. After the massacre of the Bloody Spire, many of the Mages’ greatest secrets were lost. The mages who practice imperial magic today are a shadow of their former greatness, and have spent generations trying to recover the secrets to the power they once held. Mages draw their power from within themselves, using a deep understanding of the nature of spellcasting to maximize the potency of the effort they expend.

Wild Magic

Practiced primarily by Wildlings, wild magic allows its users (called Shamen) to tap into the natural energy found in nature. A skilled Shaman can draw strength from many sources, such as the great power of a flowing river, the rigidity of a tree’s branches, or even the warm sunlight absorbed by the grass. Wild magic is often viewed as simple trickery, with most shamen only able to perform basic feats such as lighting fires or levitating small objects. However, on rare occasion a powerful shaman is able to perform much more powerful magic.

Blood Magic

By far the most powerful, and most dangerous, form of magic, blood magic is considered taboo by all cultures on the Rim. Blood mages empower their spells by draining the life force from living things or, in desperate circumstances, themselves. Little is known about blood magic, as those who dare to dabble in it are hated and feared by any who discover their secret.


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